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Daniel Boisclair
514 343-6762

Executive Assistant
Viet Pham
514 343-2083

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Beisner, Beatrix Adjunct Professor Écologie aquatique

514-987-3000 #8400 Upload the vCard of Beisner, Beatrix
Binning, Sandra Ann Assistant Professor PAVILLON MARIE-VICTORIN - F-052 514-343-7461 Upload the vCard of Binning, Sandra Ann
Boisclair, Daniel Full Professor


productive capacity
PAVILLON MARIE-VICTORIN - F-228-2 PAVILLON MARIE-VICTORIN - D-211-1 514-343-6762 514-343-6878 Upload the vCard of Boisclair, Daniel
Boivin, Guy Adjunct Professor 579-224-3069 Upload the vCard of Boivin, Guy
Breton, Sophie Associate Professor mitochondria

evolutionary physiology
PAVILLON MARIE-VICTORIN - F-208-10 514-343-7460 Upload the vCard of Breton, Sophie
Brisson, Jacques Full Professor biodiversity

plant biodiversity
JARDIN BOTANIQUE - F-340 514-343-2116 Upload the vCard of Brisson, Jacques
Brodeur, Jacques Full Professor biodiversity

climate change
JARDIN BOTANIQUE - F-338 514-343-2079 Upload the vCard of Brodeur, Jacques
Brouillet, Luc Full Professor Asteraceae

plant biodiversity
JARDIN BOTANIQUE - B-119 514-343-2142 Upload the vCard of Brouillet, Luc
Bruneau, Anne Full Professor

Full Professor

plant systematics
CENTRE BIODIVERSITE-JARDIN BOT - B-121 JARDIN BOTANIQUE - D357 514-343-2264 514-343-2264 Upload the vCard of Bruneau, Anne