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Daniel Boisclair
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Viet Pham
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Tromas, Nicolas Visiting Researcher PAVILLON MARIE-VICTORIN - E-223 514-343-6111 #3188 Upload the vCard of Tromas, Nicolas
Tessier, Nathalie Adjunct Professor 450-928-7608 #310 Upload the vCard of Tessier, Nathalie
St-Arnaud, Marc Adjunct Professor microbial soil ecology

mycorrhizal symbiosis
JARDIN BOTANIQUE - C-316 514-872-1439 Upload the vCard of St-Arnaud, Marc
Shapiro, Jesse Assistant Professor PAVILLON MARIE-VICTORIN - F-208-6 514-343-6033 Upload the vCard of Shapiro, Jesse
Routier, Anne-Lise Assistant Professor JARDIN BOTANIQUE - F-347 514-343-2117 Upload the vCard of Routier, Anne-Lise
Rivoal, Jean Full Professor metabolic adaptation

plant biochemistry
JARDIN BOTANIQUE - F-349 514-343-2150 Upload the vCard of Rivoal, Jean
Poisot, Timothée Assistant Professor Écologie computationnelle PAVILLON MARIE-VICTORIN - F-208-4 514-343-7691 Upload the vCard of Poisot, Timothée
Pitre, Frédéric Adjunct Professor phytoremediation

JARDIN BOTANIQUE - C-321 514-872-5683 Upload the vCard of Pitre, Frédéric
Pinel-Alloul, Bernadette Full Professor aquatic ecology

bioaccumulation of metals
PAVILLON MARIE-VICTORIN - F-234-2 514-343-6784 Upload the vCard of Pinel-Alloul, Bernadette
Pflieger, Jean-François Associate Professor spontaneous activity

motor development
PAVILLON MARIE-VICTORIN - E-145 514-343-6847 Upload the vCard of Pflieger, Jean-François
Pellerin, Stéphanie Adjunct Professor ecology

JARDIN BOTANIQUE - C-319 514-872-2829 Upload the vCard of Pellerin, Stéphanie
Morse, David Full Professor chronobiology

JARDIN BOTANIQUE - F341 514-343-2133 Upload the vCard of Morse, David
Molotchnikoff, Stéphane Full Professor cerebral plasticity

neuronal coding
PAVILLON MARIE-VICTORIN - F-234-4 514-343-6616 Upload the vCard of Molotchnikoff, Stéphane
Mimee, Benjamin Adjunct Professor Nématologie

Génétique des populations
579-224-3074 Upload the vCard of Mimee, Benjamin
Milleret, Chantal Adjunct Professor visual handicaps

cortical plasticity
Upload the vCard of Milleret, Chantal
Matton, Daniel Philippe Full Professor interspecies barriers

intraspecies barriers
JARDIN BOTANIQUE - F-345 514-343-2127 Upload the vCard of Matton, Daniel Philippe
Maranger, Roxane Full Professor Arctic

PAVILLON MARIE-VICTORIN - F-234-6 514-343-7779 Upload the vCard of Maranger, Roxane
Legendre, Pierre Full Professor numerical ecology

PAVILLON MARIE-VICTORIN - F-229 514-343-7591 Upload the vCard of Legendre, Pierre
Lapointe, François-Joseph Full Professor multivariate statistical analysis

PAVILLON MARIE-VICTORIN - F-230-4 514-343-7999 Upload the vCard of Lapointe, François-Joseph
Lapierre, Jean-François Assistant Professor Aquatic carbon cycle

Landscape limnology
PAVILLON MARIE-VICTORIN - F-058 514-343-6792 Upload the vCard of Lapierre, Jean-François
Laliberté, Etienne Associate Professor plant functional ecology

community ecology
JARDIN BOTANIQUE - B-126 514-343-6132 Upload the vCard of Laliberté, Etienne
Lachapelle, Pierre Adjunct Professor visual electrophysiology

humans and animals
514-412-4400 #23890 Upload the vCard of Lachapelle, Pierre
Labrecque, Michel Adjunct Professor phytoremediation

JARDIN BOTANIQUE - C-313 514-872-1862 Upload the vCard of Labrecque, Michel
Kierzkowski, Daniel Assistant Professor JARDIN BOTANIQUE - F340 514-343-2056 Upload the vCard of Kierzkowski, Daniel
Joly, Simon Adjunct Professor Evolution

Plant reproduction
JARDIN BOTANIQUE - C-317 514-872-0344 Upload the vCard of Joly, Simon
James, Patrick Associate Professor forest development

spatial analysis
PAVILLON MARIE-VICTORIN - F-056 514-343-6864 Upload the vCard of James, Patrick
Hudon, Christiane Adjunct Professor fluvial ecology

514-283-6195 Upload the vCard of Hudon, Christiane
Hijri, Mohamed Full Professor

Full Professor

CENTRE BIODIVERSITE-JARDIN BOT - B-115 JARDIN BOTANIQUE - F344 514-343-2120 514-343-2120 Upload the vCard of Hijri, Mohamed
Hamel, Chantal Adjunct Professor Microbiome racinaire

Microbiologie du sol
418-210-5028 Upload the vCard of Hamel, Chantal
Geitmann, Anja Adjunct Professor actin

cellular biology
514-398-7707 Upload the vCard of Geitmann, Anja
Favret, Colin Assistant Professor

Assistant Professor
insect systematics

insect biodiversity
CENTRE BIODIVERSITE-JARDIN BOT - B-124 JARDIN BOTANIQUE - B-124 514-343-2158 514-343-2158 Upload the vCard of Favret, Colin
Dubois, Frédérique Associate Professor behavioural ecology

game theory
PAVILLON MARIE-VICTORIN - F-208-12 514-343-6927 Upload the vCard of Dubois, Frédérique
Desrosiers, Mélanie Adjunct Professor risk analysis

418-643-8225 #339 Upload the vCard of Desrosiers, Mélanie
Dalpé, Yolande Adjunct Professor biodiversity

mycorrhizal symbiosis
613-759-1381 Upload the vCard of Dalpé, Yolande
Cuerrier, Alain Adjunct Professor JARDIN BOTANIQUE - C-314 514-872-3182 Upload the vCard of Cuerrier, Alain
Cogliastro, Alain Adjunct Professor forestry

JARDIN BOTANIQUE - C-320 514-872-9029 Upload the vCard of Cogliastro, Alain
Chagnon, Pierre-Luc Assistant Professor Champignons mycorhiziens

JARDIN BOTANIQUE - F336 514-343-2078 Upload the vCard of Chagnon, Pierre-Luc
Cappadocia, Mario Full Professor auto-incompatibility

in vitro culture
PAVILLON MARIE-VICTORIN - F-228-4 514-343-2104 Upload the vCard of Cappadocia, Mario
Cameron, Christopher Associate Professor evolution

PAVILLON MARIE-VICTORIN - F-208-8 514-343-2198 Upload the vCard of Cameron, Christopher
Cabana, Thérèse Full Professor motor development

PAVILLON MARIE-VICTORIN - E-142 514-343-7564 Upload the vCard of Cabana, Thérèse
Bruneau, Anne Full Professor

Full Professor

plant systematics
CENTRE BIODIVERSITE-JARDIN BOT - B-121 JARDIN BOTANIQUE - D357 514-343-2264 514-343-2264 Upload the vCard of Bruneau, Anne
Brouillet, Luc Full Professor Asteraceae

plant biodiversity
JARDIN BOTANIQUE - B-119 514-343-2142 Upload the vCard of Brouillet, Luc
Brodeur, Jacques Full Professor biodiversity

climate change
JARDIN BOTANIQUE - F-338 514-343-2079 Upload the vCard of Brodeur, Jacques
Brisson, Jacques Full Professor biodiversity

plant biodiversity
JARDIN BOTANIQUE - F-340 514-343-2116 Upload the vCard of Brisson, Jacques
Breton, Sophie Associate Professor mitochondria

evolutionary physiology
PAVILLON MARIE-VICTORIN - F-208-10 514-343-7460 Upload the vCard of Breton, Sophie
Boivin, Guy Adjunct Professor 579-224-3069 Upload the vCard of Boivin, Guy
Boisclair, Daniel Full Professor


productive capacity
PAVILLON MARIE-VICTORIN - F-228-2 PAVILLON MARIE-VICTORIN - D-211-1 514-343-6762 514-343-6878 Upload the vCard of Boisclair, Daniel
Binning, Sandra Ann Assistant Professor Upload the vCard of Binning, Sandra Ann
Beisner, Beatrix Adjunct Professor Écologie aquatique

514-987-3000 #8400 Upload the vCard of Beisner, Beatrix
Angers, Annie Associate Professor cellular biology

molecular biology
PAVILLON MARIE-VICTORIN - E-138 514-343-7012 Upload the vCard of Angers, Annie
Angers, Bernard Full Professor population genetics

PAVILLON MARIE-VICTORIN - F-054 514-343-2286 Upload the vCard of Angers, Bernard
Amyot, Marc Full Professor Africa

PAVILLON MARIE-VICTORIN - F-208-2 514-343-7496 Upload the vCard of Amyot, Marc