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Laliberté, Etienne

Associate Professor

  • Adjunct Professor, School of Plant Biology, The University of Western Australia


  • Telephone 514-343-6132 Pav. JARDIN BOTANIQUE \ Ext. B-126


Laliberté, Etienne

Research expertise

We study interactions between plants and soils to better understand:

1) how soil fertility drives plant biodiversity;

2) how terrestrial ecosystems develop over time;

3) how plant functional traits can help us to predict plant species distributions along soil fertility gradients.

The research helps to improve ecosystem management, particularly the restoration of degraded ecosystems.

Areas of expertise


All publications are available here. Here is a selection:

  • Laliberté, E. 2017. Below-ground frontiers in trait-based plant ecology. New Phytologist 213: 1597-1603 (Tansley Medal 2016)
  • Laliberté, E., Zemunik, G. and B.L. Turner. 2014. Environmental filtering explains variation in plant diversity along resource gradients. Science 345: 1602-1605
  • Laliberté, E., Lambers, H., Burgess, T. I. and S. J. Wright. 2015. Phosphorus limitation, soil-borne pathogens and the coexistence of plant species in hyperdiverse forests and shrublands. New Phytologist 206: 507-521 (Invited Tansley Review)
  • Laliberté, E., Grace, J. B., Huston, M. A., Lambers, H., Teste, F. P., Turner, B. L. and D. A. Wardle. 2013. How does pedogenesis drive plant diversity? Trends in Ecology and Evolution 6: 331-340
  • Laliberté, E. and P. Legendre. 2010. A distance-based framework for measuring functional diversity from multiple traits. Ecology 91: 299-305
  • Laliberté, E., Wells J., DeClerck F., Metcalfe D.J., Catterall C.P., Queiroz C., Aubin I., Bonser S.P., Ding Y., Fraterrigo J.M., McNamara S., Morgan J.W., Sanchez-Merlos D, Vesk P.A. and Mayfield M.M. 2010. Land use intensification reduces functional redundancy and response diversity in plant communities. Ecology Letters 13: 76-86